The Puzzle Parlour has four interactive, challenging and fun adventures to choose from. All of our escape rooms in White Plains, NY have their own unique theme, story, setting and puzzles. It’s time to choose your adventure!


Your bitten friend will turn into a vampire at midnight if you don’t act fast. The one thing that will save them is locked away in the mysterious Castle Ravenloft. Can you recover the vampire serum before your friend becomes foe?

Average Escape Time: 54 minutes85%
Difficulty: 7/1070%
The Surgery

The overseas trip of a lifetime takes a sudden turn when you awaken in a dark, dismal operating room. As your head begins to clear one thing is certain: you must escape before those that placed you there return!

Average Escape Time: 57 minutes85%
Difficulty: 7/1070%
The Heist Part 1

A corrupt cop is planning an elaborate heist. You and your team of thieves must break into the police station and retrieve the plans so you can beat him to the bounty.

Average Escape Time: 58 minutes91%
Difficulty: 8/1080%
Alien Conspiracy

The government seeks to cover up six decades of research that prove the existence of extraterrestrial beings. You and your team of believers enter a remote farmhouse in hopes of saving the precious evidence.

Average Escape Time: 59 minutes97%
Difficulty: 9/1090%