Per Person Tickets for the laser tag games organized at our parlour in Branson, MO, can be purchased for $14 each. This military-themed live-action game brings the “Call of Duty” video game experience to life. Our maze-like arenas provide many great spaces and vantage points. The equipment tracks stats, makes competition fun, allows mid-play weapon changes and offers many game modes, including: V.I.P., Domination, Infection, Juggernaut, Team Battle and Free Play. Prices listed are before any applicable taxes.

Battle Arena

Battle Arena is a 30 minute laser tag experience like none other. With numerous game modes and weapon choices, this battle arena is a “Call Of Duty” type experience in a laser tag environment.

Maximum number of participants: 25 (Bring Your Party)95%
Battle Time: 30 Minute (Average of 4 Games)90%